GoForDesi.com is a Dating/Matrimonial website for Indian community in the USA, UK and Canada. To register at GoForDesi.com, you need a valid cell phone number registered in one of these three countries and a valid email address. We validate your cell phone number by sending an OTP and we validate your email address by sending a verification link to your email address. You can start the registration process by clicking on the "Register FREE" link displayed at the top of the page. During the registration process, you will be asked few questions regarding your location, religion, region you belong to back in India, etc. After you have completed the registration process, you will be asked to complete your profile by entering details about yourself and your expectations about your match. Please fill out as many details as possible in your profile, because that is going to be displayed to other members (except any of your contact details) and it will help them to decide if you are a good match for them or not. Please do not forget to upload your pictures. Once you complete your profile, you will get enrolled under a FREE membership plan, which allows you to start searching for your match on our website.

Yes, registration on GoForDesi is FREE. After you register and complete your profile by submitting your details, you get enrolled under the Basic FREE membership plan. The free membership plan allows you to search for your matches. You can customize your search by specifiying your preferences on the "Customize Search" page. You can see the pictures of the other members (if your profile has at least one approved picture of yourself).

No. We NEVER display or share your name, phone number or email address to other members (Free or Premium members). Only way to obtain other member's contact details is by requesting it to them by sending chat messages to that member. You can send a message to other member only if he/she/they accepts your interest/contact request.

"Express interest" is a feature by which you inform the other member that you are interested in their profile and would like to contact them. If the other member accepts your interest, you will be able to start exchanging messages to that member on our website. If the other member declines your interest, you will not be able to send messages to that member. The "Express interest" feature is available only to the Premium members.

Only Premium members can "Express Interests" to other members. You can Express interest to the members enrolled in Premium as well as Free membership plans. If you are enrolled for the "Classic Desi" Premium plan which is valid for three months, you can express interests to upto 50 members every day. If you are enrolled for the "Star Desi" Premium plan which is valid for 6 months, you can express interests to upto 100 members every day. If you are enrolled for the "Elite Desi" Premium plan which is valid for one year, you can express interests to upto 100 members every day. The Free members can not "Express Interest" to other members but can receive "Interest requests" from Premium members.

GoForDesi.com has disabled the right click on the pictures displayed on the website so that the pictures can not be downloaded easily. It is highly recommended to add your pictures on your profile because we have noticed that most of the members search for profiles which has at least one picture displayed on their profile. If you still do not feel safe uploading full size picture, we suggest you to upload a smaller size pictures.

You can update most of the information in your profile yourself. However, there are some items (your e-mail address, date of birth, name, gender, and religion, etc.) which can be changed only in extraordinary/ exceptional circumstances. This too can be done only on request to support team, supported by valid reason(s) and/or necessary evidence.

We DO NOT display the contact details of the members anywhere on our website. Only way to obtain the contact details of other members is by requesting them on chat messages. The chat messaging with any member gets enabled on our website only when, either you had sent the interest/contact request to that member and that member has accepted your interest/contact request, or vice versa. You can always request the contact details (like phone number or WhatsApp number) of the other members on the text messages, but we recommend you to do that only after you chat with the member for sufficient time on our website and feel safe and comfortable to exchange the contact details. If you experience any inappropriate behaviour during chat messaging, you can submit an "Abuse report" by using an option provided at the bottom of the "View Profile" page for that member.